2020-In progress

  • Graphite drawing

The truth (...) does not appear in the development but in a process that could be designated analogically as the scorching of the glaze (...), a fire of the work in which the form reaches its most slightly luminous degree.

Walter Benjamin

"ABC DARIO TOTALITARIO" is a series composed of drawings, actions and sculptural objects. I am inspired by the borders of totalitarian countries, specifically former Czechoslovakia, where I was born. These borders were built with wooden meshes and barbed wire. The meshes took specific forms, these forms I adopt as signs and I reinterpret them as four letters in particular: "Y", "T", "X" and "I". Likewise, I investigate some events that have occurred in this troubled space, recovering the names of victims who have lost their lives trying to escape the country.

I work on these themes in three different series: "IXTY XTIY TIXY", "Arson" and "Blacklists".


Large format drawings are made of graphite on cotton paper. The drawings will depict landscapes between the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) and Germany. These landscapes, although they have a clear reference, do not suggest any particular territory, since, although the inspiration comes from a particular place, the project proposes to cover a universal theme.


The landscapes are intervened with letters drawing "X", "T", "Y" and "I" covering a large part of the surface, serving as sketches of the final action. 


TOTALITARIAN ALPHABET/ "ITYX"/ Graphite on paper/ 20 x 29.7 cm/ 2020