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Cheb, Czech Republic, 1984. A visual artist, illustrator, and university professor, in 2011 she completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in plastic arts, with a specialty in drawing, at Hradec Králové University, Czech Republic. In 2008 she did a half-year residency in literature and cinematography at the university Denis Diderot, Paris, France. In 2021 has been selected by 8B Kunstkollektivet, Unnerud, Denmark, for the realization of land art project "UDEN FRYGT". In 2020, she carried out a half-year artistic residency at Chasen Thajni: house of all in Santa Inés Ahuatempan, Puebla, Mexico. The same year Lenka was awarded by Ministry of Culture, Puebla; thanks to the award, she was able to carry out the project sin sYembra (Seedless). She has taken several seminars and workshops, among which stand out: The machine of aesthetic war, nomadism, art, and resistance, based on the thought of Gilles Deleuze, in 17, Institute of Critical Studies (Mexico City, Mexico); Course of Perspective and tonal drawing in Puebla; Engraving workshops in Espacio Catorce and Taller Erasto Cortés (Puebla, Mexico) and Tebac (Tlaxcala, Mexico).  Lenka participated in group exhibitions: Graphic popular and contemporary in Espacio Catorce; Ex-libris in Proyectroom; Versus in UPAEP Museum (Puebla, Mexico); Forest city, seven explorations on the borders between nature and the urban in Centro Cultural, Casa Baltazar (Córdoba, Mexico); Ixtli Mayahuel in Museo Regional de Cholula (Cholula, Mexico), 1989 in MPAC MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture, Oregon, USA. She held solo exhibitions: In the realm of memory at Galería Garco; After desire at Espacio Anarquista (Puebla, Mexico) and at the Embassy of the Czech Republic; Proyecto Masaryk at Instituto Cultural México-Israel (Mexico City, Mexico). She made illustrations of Jiří Orten´s poems translated into Persian by poet Mohsen Emadi; and produced several illustrations for the book Piaca Salgari Milano in cooperation with Salgari Method. Lenka has collaborated with Mexican artist Ulises Matamoros Ascención and currently actively participates in the project Chasen Thajni: the house of all, community space in the Mixteca Poblana, collaborating with the community Ngiba in Santa Inés Ahuatempan, carrying out artistic and cultural activities, as well as an illustration project based on the unique characteristics of that community. 

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*1984, Czech Republic

2005-2009. Master’s degree in Fine arts and French, Pedagogical Faculty, Hradec Králové University, Czech Republic.  
2016-2018. Master´s degree in Educational intervention, UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico. 

2021. Uden Frygt/ Kunstkollektivet 8B, Unnerud, Denmark. 
2019. Masaryk Project, Casa Cultural México-Israel, Cdmx, Mexico.  
2016. After the desire, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Cdmx, Mexico. 
2016. In the realm of memory, Galería Garco, Puebla, Mexico.  
2016. The void in my landscape, Espacio Anarquista, Puebla, Mexico. 
2015. 3 Landscapes, Cubo Hueco Arte Contemporáneo, Puebla, Mexico. 

2021. 1989, MPAC, Oregon, USA. 
2019. Ichtli Mayahuel, Museo Regional de Cholula, Mexico. 
2016. City Forest, Casa Baltazar, Veracruz, Mexico. 
2016. Versus, Museo de la UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico.  
2015. Ex libris, Projectroom, Puebla, Mexico. 

2021. Artistic residence in Kunstkollektivet 8B, Unnerud, Denmark. 
2020. Honorable mention in the William Bullock Prize for Critical Museology 2020, Chasen Thajni. 
2020. Artistic residence in Chasen Thajni, Ahuatempan, Mexico.  
2015. Artistic Residence in Hueco Arte Contemporáneo, Puebla, México. 
2008. Residence for Cinematography and Literature, University of Denis Diderot, Paris, France. 

2018-2019. Professor at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, México.  
2014. Coordinator of the “Czech Film Festival”, UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico. 
2012-2017. Professor at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Puebla, México. 
2010-2011. Working with vulnerable groups, IPODERAC, Atlixco, Mexico.  
2009-2010. European Voluntary Service, Cap d’Ail, France. 

2021. Museum of the city of Querétaro. 
2020. Present. Chasen Thajni: Everybody´s house.  
2016. Present. Mexican Artist Ulises Matamoros Ascención. 
2016. Italian Mexican collective Salgari Method. 
2011. Poet Mohsen Emadi, illustration of Czech poetry, Soria, Spain. 

2018. Course Perspective by ATC, Puebla, Mexico. 
2017. Nomadism and art in the thought of Gilles Deleuze, Instituto 17 de Estudios Críticos, Cdmx, Mexico. 
  2014- 2015. Member of art studios:  Espacio 14, Museo taller Erasto Cortés (Puebla, Mexico) and Tebac (Tlaxcala, Mexico). 

LANGUAGES: Native language: Czech / Spanish: C1(DELE Certificate)/ French: C1 (DELF certificate)/ Englis: B2 

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