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2017-In progress

  • Graphite on paper and wall

  • Intervention with black paper clippings

Catastrophe is a situation that is triggered by a disaster, but both catastrophe and disaster, operate in a spatial and temporal environment that I call "grey zones". These "zones" are those physical or symbolic territories where things and people, rather than existing, go "living death", in pure space of impossibility: where that which is old does not end up dying and the new fails to be built.

KATASTROFA proposes to carry out a historical investigation of various natural and artificial "disasters", and inspired by it, I produce drawings, objects, moving image, expanded drawing and installations.

KATASTROFA presents a formal and conceptual dialogue with spaces and supports. I try to create "luminous atmospheres": ranges of light and darkness, in addition to "physical incisions" on the surface of the works and on the installation space of the work.


A landscape culture must comply with several aspects: it must recognize one or more words that designate the landscape, it must have literature that refers to the landscape and it must cultivate gardening that seeks enjoyment and observation. From there we understand that "the landscape" has a close connection with the contemplation, the landscape is contemplated but also contemplates, becoming witness of historical events. With the passage of time, the landscape is transformed, destroyed, and eventually renewed.

I draw significant landscapes from the personal and historical point of view; they are places that I traveled when I was a child that at the same time are witnesses of the wars and the division by the Soviet block. These landscapes are filled with feelings of emptiness, which I attribute (in addition to personal reasons) to geopolitical and ideological reasons.

I intervene landscape drawings with paper or fabric cuttings, these cuts cover a part of the landscape, turning it into an area of shade, behind which hides a wound that claims to have healed and disappeared.

objeto suspendido.jpg

THE GAP IN THE LANDSCAPE/ "Landscape I" / Graphite on paper/ Variable measures/ 2016

paisaje camino 2.jpg

THE GAP IN THE LANDSCAPE/ "Landscape II, detail" / Graphite on paper/ Variable measures/ 2016

paisaje camino.jpg

THE GAP IN THE LANDSCAPE/ "Landscape II" / Graphite on paper/ Variable measures/ 2016

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